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As Michalscy Renovations

We provide comprehensive renovation of pianos. We also renovate stylish, antique furniture.

In our studio, we deal with repair and renovation of pianos. A number of processes that we perform, both in the case of instruments and furniture, allow us to restore their original grace and bring them to a perfect condition. In the case of pianos and grand pianos, there is also the issue of mechanics and sound, which we also comprehensively deal with in our workshop. By entrusting your instrument to the hands of specialists from Michalscy Renovations, you can be sure that it will regain its original charm, sound and outfit. To check and repair your piano in detail we use a special lamp with a motion sensor (in Ukrainian лампа з датчиком руху), which allows you to see all the details. 

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szlifowanie nogi zabytkowego stołu
szlifowanie klapy fortepianu


Keyboard renovation

Replacing overlays, aligning the keyboard, replacing furrations and adjusting clearances.


Hammer replacement

Replacement or renovation of hammers, including on profiling and exchange of materials.


Mechanism renovation

Comprehensive renovation of piano or grand piano mechanisms.


Replacement of strings and pegs

We make piano strings ourselves in the studio.


Enclosure renovation

Carpentry work, reconstruction of missing / damaged elements, polishes.


Replacing the pincer

We replace the worn out dies with a completely new one.


Soundboard repair

With the help of a milling machine and wedges, the soundboard will regain its proper elasticity.


Bridge repair

Replacing the studs, the bridge overlay or, if necessary, replacing the entire bridge.


Cast iron frame renovation

Properly selected varnish significantly improves the appearance of each instrument.

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