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Welcome to our workshop.

restoration of upright pianos and grand pianos

Restoration of pianos is all of us life. Behind everything we experience in life is man and tradition, and this is the case with our company.
The passion and love for music passed down from generation to generation resulted in the creation of a family art studio signed with our name – Michalscy Renowacje.
Renovation activities are many years of practice and unique skills that we have gained in artistic craft plants under the supervision of masters for whom respect for work and quality were a priority.
The knowledge and experience of each of us as well as compliance with the instilled principles translates into the quality of the work performed.
All activities carried out during the renovation are carried out with attention to every detail, while maintaining the technology in which the instrument or piece of furniture was made.
We approach each order individually, with passion and commitment.

narzędzia stolarskie
noga fortepianu zabytkowego

Our mission

It's about giving others a sense of joy

Our work creates our cultural identity and strengthens the sense of belonging to the local or national community, defines our place in the world, which we are proud of as heirs of the traditions of our ancestors.
We hope that our skills and knowledge will help to save many old and damaged instruments or furniture and restore them to their former glory.
Thanks to the use of original methods compliant with the renovation code, next generations will be able to experience the craftsmanship of a bygone era.


Our team:

Jakub Michalski

Sebastian Michalski

Tymoteusz Michalski

Marek Michalski



narzędzia stolarskie

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